Burgers and Cookies Bundle


The Burgers and Cookies Bundle comes with:

+ 2 Burger Master freezer containers

  • Separate compartments help prevent freezer burn and keep portions from sticking together.
  • Can also be used for freezing soups, stews, chili, pasta sauce, cookie dough etc.
  • Each Burger Master holds eight 4 oz. portions (or eight 1/3 cup portions if storing liquid)

+ 2 The Smart Cookie freezer containers

  • Compact & stackable, The Smart Cookie takes up less freezer space than an average ice cube tray.
  • Holds a baker's dozen of frozen cookie dough portion, pesto, herbs, etc... 

+ 1 Set of 80 Freezer Labels

  • Each Freezer Label set is made of tear resistant polyester which repels moisture and is easy to remove without leaving residue. 

    Flat Rate Shipping in Canada and USA